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Accounting Software Support; find out before you buy! Among the most important bits of the puzzle when selecting an accounting software vendor is what form of technical support is offered. Choosing the right accounting system, at the right price, with a skilled consultant to execute the system is not unimportant. But what occurs after your help leaves, and something goes really wrong? Who can you call – The adviser that implemented the software company who sold you the applications, or the system? Below are some questions to ask the vendor before buying your accounting software: 1.Does your accounting software supplier offer technical support? Before computing the price of your system, be sure youre adding the implementation costs as well as the yearly technical support fee to the cost of the system. Do not underestimate the significance of technical support. How often is accounting software support available? You may not want to wait until the next business day before the issue is fixed, if you’ve got a technical problem with the accounting system. п»ї

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When issues tend to arise during mission crucial times issues with hardware, software or databases should be resolved as rapidly as possible, especially. Frequently times a vendor support line may only be available during business hours, but your consultant may manage to supply you with a cell phone number for after-hours contact. 3.How are specialized issues worked out, via remote or phone session? Occasionally discussing someone through a technical dilemma is just not as powerful as actually walking someone. The skill for a support technician to get your information and remote in to your own difficulty is less stressful than merely attempting to clarify the solution and far far better. 4.Are the providers technicians trained in all areas? Should you be executing new modules, third party products, or highly specialized alternatives (such as integration or custom programming), make sure you have access to technicians able to support these alternatives.

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Getting perhaps an elevated amount of response or specific names of people may be helpful. Having trained, seasoned, technicians is more important than having merely somebody to try and solve your issues. 5.Special Service Level Agreement This should include uptime, security, and customer service metrics such as response time and open problem escalation. Your dilemma is not solved in a reasonable manner, and if you’ve got a trouble, you should have some recourse. Bottom line typically, accounting software is only as good as the people behind it. With no appropriate support, the applications is not going to provide the optimal return in your investment. It is critical buy oem software that a software provider offer on results in fast resolution of issues and demand technical support that’s easily accessible. About the Author John S.

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Francis graduated with his MBA from Southern Illinois University- Carbondale in 1985. Since that time he’s worked in various accounting professions. He was President and founder of among the countrys top accounting software implementation companies. Acknowledged as a Killer VAR by Accounting Today magazine and a Top 100 Technology Pacesetter, and a Top 100 Value Added Reseller by Accounting Technology magazine, his company successfully handled accounting system implementation and training engagements for thousands of customers worldwide. In 2009 he began working on accountingsoftwaresuccess.com, a site dedicated to assisting accounting professionals with their search, selection, implementation and use of accounting systems. The website features several tools to assist accounting professionals with their accounting software research including an Accounting Software Posts Library and an Accounting Software Selection Program.